Shop With Me: Super Doubles #1

Let me start off with saying that I am normally up and early at Harris Teeter for Super Double coupon events. This time I decided that I was going to take it easy and just go when I woke up and not rush. I am currently in the process of  a “eating down the stockpile” phase. This is basically where I focus on all the food items in my stockpile and pantry and try to make meals with things I have on hand versus continuing to add with couponing.  I will go a little more into this in another post at a later time.

There were a lot of FREE items with paired coupons and Super Doubles, but I tried to focus on getting items that I was either running low on or did not have. Since I have a truckload (or close to) of shampoo, deodorant and other products I tried not to focus on getting those items, even if they were free.

With that being said, here is my first haul of Super Doubles.  Many items were already out of stock since I went later during the day, but I was okay with that. Also, the chocolate chips were a NEED for our tradition of Sunday morning pancakes 🙂 . That added close to $4.00 to my total, but my husband and children almost refuse to eat pancakes without chocolate chips.

Vegetables: $1/2 coupon= .34 cents each

Buffalo sauce: .75/1= FREE

Riceworks chips: $1/1= FREE

Suja drinks: $1/1 (hang tag found on product)= FREE

Canned tomatoes: $1/3= .33 cents each

Robitussin: $2/1= $1.99 each

Kotex pads/tampons: $2/1= .19 each

Hummus mix: $1/1= FREE

Chocolate chips: $3.97 (not on sale, but needed)

Total spent: $16.XX (79 % savings)


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10 Cheap and Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts

Holidays around our house calls for festive pancakes and breaking out the arts & crafts! With Valentine’s Day being no different, I have been searching for some fun activities to do with my daughter.  She is in that fun stage where she thinks arts & crafts are the highlight of her day and I can’t disagree! I am a kid at heart.

I am hoping to get started on a few of these this week.  The DIY bird feeder makes me feel like Spring is just around the corner so this will be first on my list. Enjoy!




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9 easy ways to save at Target

1. Manufacturer Coupons

Targets does accept manufacturer and printable coupons like most major retailers. Target does follow the limitations that are written on each manufacturer coupon.

2. Target Store Coupons

Target offers printable coupons directly from their website.  These can be used with Manufacturer coupons and the Cartwheel App. Target printable coupons can be found at here.  You can only print two coupons per device (computer, phone or tablet).

3. Target Mobile Text Coupons

Advertised– Most weekly Target circulars will have a coupon than you can cut and use in store. If you look at the coupon it will normally advertise that you can save for instance, $5 off a $20 specified brand when you text SAVE to TARGET (827438).

Non-advertised– Most weeks there is also unadvertised mobile coupons which you can find listed on signs throughout the store.

Some mobile coupons will be a dollar amount of a specific product such as $1.00 off any Dove item.  Some coupons are department specific such as save $5 off any $25 personal care purchase.

All mobile coupons have a limit of one per transaction.

4. Cartwheel App

Target has their own savings app available for most smartphones. I love this app so much that I created a separate post (here) about how wonderful it is, but here are the basics.

  • Cartwheel has both percentages off and manufacture coupons directly from your phone.
  • Once you load the coupon to your Cartwheel you then have the cashier scan your barcode for your savings to be applied.
  • Cartwheel percentage coupons can be combined with Target coupons AND manufacturer coupons! That means triple the savings!
  • Want to learn more about Cartwheel? Check out my Cartwheel post.

5. Gift card promotions

Each week Target will offer a gift card promotion on several products. Such as, receive a $10 gift card when you buy 2 packs of diapers. These promotions will typically follow the sales week (Sunday-Saturday) so you typically will only have that week to save with each specific promotion.


Did I mention clearance? This is my favorite way to shop for most items at Target!

You can find clothes, household products, toys and much more marked all the way to 70% off and sometimes higher than that! One of my favorite activities is grabbing a coffee and walking the aisles of Target to spot clearance within the aisles and the end caps.

I do understand that not everyone has time to scope out every Target in their area, or even one. I want to encourage you to build relationships with peers in your community. Ask friends and family members to keep an eye out when they see items on clearance.

7. Price Match

Target will price match any item on their website or competitor’s prices if it is below the price of the item in store. I try to make a habit of checking the major retailer’s websites (Walmart, Amazon, etc…) before checking out to ensure that I am getting the lowest price possible.  If you happen to purchase an item and then realize that it is cheaper with one of their competitor’s prices, then Target will honor within 14 days.

“We’ll match the price if you buy a qualifying item at Target then find the identical item for less at, select online competitors, or in Target’s or competitor’s local print ad. Price matches may be requested at time of purchase or Price adjustments within 14 days after purchase.”

8. Reusable bag

If you bring your own reusable bag for checkout then Target will take off .5 cents off your total purchase!

9. Target RedCard

If you are a frequent Target customer, I would recommend signing up for their red card. Target offers both a Target RedCard debit card and a Target RedCard credit card. If you sign up for their Debit card it links directly with your own bank account so it is just like using a regular debit card. I personally am not big on credit cards, so when I saw that Target offered debit cards, I said “sign me up”!

Each time you use your Target RedCard you will save 5% off on top of all the other savings that Target offers.


Whew!  I know that was a lot of ways to save, but once you get familiar with how to save at Target you will never pick up another item from Target without checking for a coupon or savings on Cartwheel and become a Target savings master!



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Shop with me: Super Doubles round-up

Harris Teeter is having their Super Double coupon event this week, which ends tomorrow (01/10). If you are not familiar with their Super Double event you can read about it here. All coupons $2.00 and below will be doubled.

$2.00 becomes $4.00 off! Just think of the savings to be had…

Harris Teeter has practically been my second home this week while I have been trying to rack up on savings. A few trips (like my .16 cent total trip!) I didn’t get a chance to take a photo because I was busy trying to keep my toddler from eating all the free cookies and samples in the store 😉 All in a days work.

Top deals:

(12) Luvs diapers: $2.00 coupon (doubled)= $1.99 per pack

(6) Gain detergents: $2.00 coupon + raincheck (doubled)= FREE

(4) Tide Pods: $2.00 coupon + raincheck (doubled)= .50 cents each

(4)Gain Flings: $2.00 coupon + raincheck (doubled)= .50 cents each

(6) Meatballs: $1.50/1 (doubled)= FREE

(12) Finish dishwasher tabs: $2.00/1 (doubled)= .99 cents each

(8) Gummies & Vitamins: $2.00/1 (doubled)= Free-.99 cents

(12) Crest toothpaste: $2.00/1 (doubled)= FREE

(6) Nestle Water: $1.00/1 (doubled)= .99 cents each


Total before coupons: $472

Total spent: $78

Total savings: 83% savings!






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Shop With Me: Saved 77%

This morning my daughter and I stopped at Harris Teeter before our “Mommy and Daughter” day for a small trip.  There were some great deals that were too good to pass up before the sales end today.  Check it out below!


Mission Chips (.55/1 coupon): Paid .90 cents each

New York Garlic Knots/Bread (.50/1 coupon): Paid .34 cents each

Philadelphia Cream Cheese (.75/1 coupon): FREE!

Special K Bars (.75/1 coupon): Paid .50 cents each

Snickers (.50/1 coupon): FREE!

Egglands best (.55/1 coupon): Paid .90 cents each

2 lb ground beef ($3.00 coupon marked down): $4.97

Plus, my daughter acted as though she had trekked through the desert with no water for 2 days. She HAD TO HAVE the bottle of water.  That added a little under a dollar to the total.

Total spent: $14.19 Total saved: 48.49

Percentage saved: 77%!




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Shop With Me: Christmas Clearance

This is one of my favorite times of the year!  Right after the craziness of Christmas calms down soon begins one of the best clearance times of the year…Christmas clearance!  This is a great time to stock up on gifts for the next year and even plenty of birthday, baby shower and other events that take place. Most stores will mark down their clearance and end of season items as low as 90% off. Check out some of the deals below I was able to score at 70% off. I picked up a lot of other items, but I have to keep those a secret for future gifts 😉

Cards: Paid $4.50 (was $15.00)

Sack: Paid .90 (was $3.00)

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Shop With Me

My goal is to share with you my weekly shopping trips and to give you a break down on the realistic savings that you can easily obtain each week.  Below are some ideas of savings for bigger coupon events such as Harris Teeter’s Super Doubles and Triple coupon events. The pictures below are numerous shopping trips for each coupon event combined. Stay tuned for my upcoming trips!

~$59.00 (worth ~$365.00)

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