Shop With Me: Saved 77%

This morning my daughter and I stopped at Harris Teeter before our “Mommy and Daughter” day for a small trip.  There were some great deals that were too good to pass up before the sales end today.  Check it out below!


Mission Chips (.55/1 coupon): Paid .90 cents each

New York Garlic Knots/Bread (.50/1 coupon): Paid .34 cents each

Philadelphia Cream Cheese (.75/1 coupon): FREE!

Special K Bars (.75/1 coupon): Paid .50 cents each

Snickers (.50/1 coupon): FREE!

Egglands best (.55/1 coupon): Paid .90 cents each

2 lb ground beef ($3.00 coupon marked down): $4.97

Plus, my daughter acted as though she had trekked through the desert with no water for 2 days. She HAD TO HAVE the bottle of water.  That added a little under a dollar to the total.

Total spent: $14.19 Total saved: 48.49

Percentage saved: 77%!




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