Super Doubles Round Up

This shopping post is close to 2 weeks old now…ahhhh. I am sorry!  We went on vacation the day after Super Doubles for close to 2 weeks so I never had a chance to share this with you all.  I was able to get a lot of great deals, even though the are no longer available, I still think it is worth sharing so you can see some awesome items that you can score on in the future!

So before I get into this shopping trip I wanted to share with you some of our fun we had on our northern East coast road trip.  We stayed in Philadelphia, Boston and a couple days in Washington, D.C. We had some crazy weather (30 degrees – all the way to 95 degrees!), but we are glad to be back home and settling back into a routine.


Okay, and for the real reason you are reading this post…

With packing for our trip, a disobedient printer, and lack of sales; I was not able to get AS MUCH as what I normally do during Super Doubles.  But, I was able to stock up on some laundry products, which I need to replenish on! Since this Super Double event is over and some of the coupons I used has since expired, I will just list the price I got each item for.

Tide Pods= .50 cents each

Bounce dryer sheets= FREE

Spray n’ Wash= .50 cents each

Bush’s variety beans= FREE

Furmano’s tomatoes= FREE

Trident gum= FREE

Fresh Monster kid hair products= FREE

Arm & Hammer deodorant= FREE

Dole Fruitocracy= FREE

Spice Hunter ranch dip= FREE

Quaker breakfast squares= .50 cents each

Dial soap (3 pack)= .69 cents each

Olay face wash= $1.99 each

Seattle’s Best k-cups= $2.79-$2.99 each (I had 2 different valued coupons)

Total before coupons= $298.50

Total spent= $38.01

Total saved= 79% savings!




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Shop With Me: Super Doubles

Harris Teeter is currently having a Super Double coupon event.  It started Sunday, 04/02 and runs until today (Tuesday, 04/04). I wanted to share with you my 3 trips that I have made during this Super Double event.  I combined all items into one picture and calculated my total savings for all combined trips.

(5) Frosted Mini Wheats cereal: $1/2 or .50/1 + Buy 5 Kelloggs & save $5.00 = .99 cents each

(5) Special K cereal: $1/2 or .50/1 + Buy 5 Kelloggs & save $5.00 = .99 cents each

(3) Angel soft: $1/1= $2.97 each

(2) Clorox bleach: $1.50/2= $1.15 each

(8) Scrubbing Bubbles: $2/2 + $3 catalina for purchasing $4= .25 cents each

(9) Dial body wash: $1/2= $1.00 each

(6) Dole Fruitocracy: $1/1= FREE

(3) Mariana banana chips: $1/1= FREE

(2) Orange Juice: $1/1= $1.00 each

(2) Luvs diapers: $2/1= $2.99 each

(4) Hefty cups: $1/2= .50 cents each

(2) Tide Rescue: $1.50/1= $1.59 each

(8) Suave shampoo/conditioner: $2/2= FREE

(2) Coconut water: $1/1= FREE

(1) Seattle’s Best K-cups: $1.05/1= $2.89

(2) Galbani string cheese: $1/1= .39 cents each

(4) Deans dips: $1/2= FREE

(2)Barilla Pasta: $1.75/1= FREE

(9) Quaker breakfast flats: $1/1 + Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale= FREE + overage

(2) Chicken breasts packages (marked down)= $2.48-$2.61 each

Before coupons & sales= $305

Total spent= $53

Total saved= 81%

I would love to see your trips in the comment section!



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End of Month Printable Coupons

Don’t forget that many coupons will no longer be available for printing after the end of the month. Many coupons will no longer be available or reset, so print the ones you want before they disappear! There is also a *rumored* Super Double event starting this Sunday, April 2nd at Harris Teeter. This would be a great time to get ready and printing!

Coupons powered by


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Shop with me: Saved 73%

Today I made a small trip into Harris Teeter (with no kids…does Carlton dance) to pick up a few needed items and get a few items that were on sale. I plan to pick up some more meat and produce later this week or maybe at Costco over the weekend since I have a good amount left in my weekly budget.

RP= Redplum

SS= Smartsource

B1G1= Buy one get one sale


Kelloggs Frosted Flakes: .75/1 coupon= .38 cents each

Eggs= .77 cents (eVIC price-limit 2)

Blackberries= .99 cents

Cottage Cheese= .88 cents (This may vary by store)

All detergent: $1.97 (eVIC price-limit 2) + $2.00/2 coupon (3/5/17 RP insert)= .97 cents each

Mariana Banana chips (4 total): B1G1 + $1/1 coupon (02/12/17 SS insert)= .19 cents each

Asparagus: $1.79/pound (normally $3.99/pound)!

Challenge butter: B1G1 + .50/1= .50 cents

Krusteaz pancake mix: B1G1 + 50/1= .50 cents each

Galbani string cheese: B1G1= $2.49

Sugar: $1.77

Total before coupons/sales: $69.26

Total Spent: $18.97

Total Saved: 73%






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